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Extra Large & Giant Breed Dog Crates
We carry the full line of Midwest extra large and giant breed dog crates and cages.

It is important to select the right size crate for your dog. For extra large and giant breed dogs we have a full selection of 48" extra large dog crates and 54" colossal breed crates. The 48" & 49" dog kennel crates come with a number of different options. Depending on the model you have a choice of 1, 2, or 3 door models, and most come with adjustable divider panels. Our 54" dog crate cages are available in both a single door and a double door models. Dividers for the 54" crates are available separately. Click on any of the crates listed below for detailed information on that model.

48" - 54" Dog Crates Are Recommended For Extra Large And Giant Breed Dogs:

Afghan    -    Akita    -    Alaskan Malamute    -    Bernese Mountain Dog    -    Bloodhound    -    Borzoi    -    Bouvier Des Flandres    -    Briard    -    Bullmastiff    -    Collie    -    Doberman Pinscher    -    Dogue De Bordeauz    -    German Shepherd    -    Giant Schnauzer    -    Gordon Setter    -    Great Dane    -    Great Pyrenees    -    Greyhound    -    Irish Wolfhound    -    Mastiff    -    Newfoundland    -    Old English Sheepdog    -    Otterhound    -    Rottweiler    -    Samoyed    -    Scottish Deerhound    -    Siberian Husky    -    St. Bernard    -    Weimaraner    

Choosing the right MIDWEST dog crate for your dog should involve a number of considerations. Depending on the gender and the possibility of mixed ancestry, and variations within a breed, your dog may need a home that is larger or smaller. This list is provided to help you choose the proper size home for your adult dog. Not all breeds are listed. If your breed is not listed, select breed most similar in size to yours. If you have an adult dog we reccomend you measure your dog, and select a crate that is at least 6 inches longer (tip of nose to tail) and 4 inches higher than your pet (floor to top of head). Ideally, your dog should be able to stretch out, stand, and move around a bit. If you have a young pup, your dog will "grow into" his crate. Click on any of the crates listed below for detailed information on that model.

MidWest iCrate Dog Crates 48 Inch iCrate Single Door Dog Crate 1548 Kennel For Extra Large Dogs
48" Single Door - iCrate Dog Crate
Regular Price: $109.99
 On Sale For: $72.13 
49" Ovation Model 1948 - Single Door Dog Crate
Regular Price: $154.99
 On Sale For: $86.95 
48' Single Door - Life Stages Dog Crate
48' Single Door - Life Stages Dog Crate
Price: $79.99 
48" Double Door - ICrate Dog Crate
Price: $78.49 
48" Double Door - Life Stages
Price: $84.28 
49" Ultima Pro 748UP - Triple Door Dog Crate
Price: $111.79 
MidWest Select Triple Door Dog Crate - 48 Inch Select Series Midwest 1348DT
48" Triple Door - Select Series Dog Crate
Price: $100.95 
54" Starter Series Dog Crate -Crate Only 1154U
Regular Price: $159.95
 On Sale For: $134.59 
54" Single Door - Starter Series Dog Crate 1154U
Regular Price: $189.95
 On Sale For: $159.95 
54" Double Door - Solution Series Dog Crate Midwest SL54DD
Regular Price: $186.97
 On Sale For: $139.95 
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